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About Us

It's simple, really -- we're a couple of woodworkers who have a passion for gaming.

As passionate gamers, we spend as much time as we can in the worlds of various RPGs & boardgames. Throughout our journeys into these worlds, we've often thought of small, but thoughtful ways we could simplify and enhance our experience.

Each product we make starts as a solution to something that we have experienced during our games. As woodworkers, we wanted to craft items that weren't just beautiful, but products that were helpful to other gamers.

We started Darkwood Gaming 5 years ago on Kickstarter when we brought our first product, the original version of the Character Crate to life. Today, we continue to release new products, both in the gaming industry and for other practical life events on our sister company Wood & Sense.

Thanks for joining us -- we think you'll like it here.

Meet the Woodworkers


Born into a construction family, Art began working with wood at the age of 12. In his adult life, Art formed his own construction company, ultimately doing both custom & residential buildings. Today, he loves walks with his wife, playing with grandchildren & playing the accordion. He's also attempting to learn Italian.


Cliff spent his childhood remodeling his home with his father -- a new project every year. Determined to never touch a tool again, he went to film school but found himself coming back to his father's shop to make custom gaming tabletop accessories. Today, Cliff lives in Syracuse, New York with his wife and children.


Chris was introduced to woodworking at a young age. With a master's degree in Instructional Technology, Cliff combines his deep knowledge of modern tools & old-school know how to create beautiful & useful products. Chris lives in Bountiful, Utah with his wife & twin teenage girls & enjoys crafting custom guitars.