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  • Product Info

    'I didnt ask how big the room was. I said 'I cast Fireball!'"

    Area of Effect templates for everything from Fog Cloud and Fireball to Lightning Bolt and Enlarge Person.

    This set includes 12 templates for Tabletop RPGs using the 1 inch = 5 ft grid.

    These are etched and cut from a specialized "tempered glass" colored plexiglass. They are transparent, so they don't hide your map. But still easily visible. Write and erase on them with Wet or Dry erase markers.

    See details below on what's fully included.

  • Material:

    "Tempered glass" colored plexiglass

Complete Accuracy

Using the tried and true 1 inch = 5 ft grid, these templates are perfect for all Tabletop RPG players. Easily stackable and lightweight, they can also travel with you to take your game on the road.

Strong Materials

Our Area of Effect templates are made in-house with "tempered glass" colored plexiglass, giving off an almost magical blue tint. They're also clear, allowing you to still see the map while you cast your spells.

A template for everything

Regardless of what spell you cast, we have a template for everything. See above for a list of every template included with this pack.