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  • Product Info

    Token Trays are minimal, simple, elegant organizers for board game tokens, coins, Meeples, cards, and more. The back edge allows for cards to be easily placed for quick and hand-free viewing, while 3 rounded pockets provide the perfect place to store your game items.
  • Material:

    Walnut, Cherry

  • Length:

    8 inches

  • Width:

    3 inches

  • Height:

    1 inch

  • Pocket Width & Length:

    60mm x 60mm

Game Agnostic

Designed with simplicity in mind, our Token Trays can be used for many boardgames from Settler's of Catan and Ticket to Ride, to Scythe, Pandemic & much more. The Token Tray is perfect for players and Dungeon Masters alike!

Sustainable woods

We only use sustainably harvested hard woods to craft our products. We care deeply for the natural world around us and want our products to enlighten and heighten our world, not destroy it. We're dedicated to leaving the world better off than we found it.

Multiple options

Our token trays are available in both Walnut and Cherry, allowing you to mix and match depending on the color of your already existing furniture & decor.