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  • Product Info

    Minimal PC, NPC, & Monster tokens for TTRPGs and VTT. 20 tokens that are easy to take with you to cons or a game store. Perfect for players, DMs and anyone in-between.

    This product includes a deluxe, handmade box that closes magnetically to keep your tokens safe.

    This set includes 10 additional tokens (1 of each design PC design, and 3 of each Monster design) that you can't find in our other bundles.

    You can find the miniatures without the box here, or a more simple version of this box, which only has 20 tokens, here.

  • Token Material:

    High quality plastic

  • Box Material:


Beautifully Minimalist

Beautiful designs that clearly and quickly get to the point. Perfect for players, enemies & GMs who want to better portray their campaign.

10 Additional Tokens

This set includes an additional 10 tokens that our other miniature bundles don't have -- 1 of each design PC design, and 3 of each Monster design

A deluxe accessory

Included with your 30 miniature tokens is a handmade, deluxe walnut box that allows you to easily take your tokens on the go. Magnetically closes and opens up to allow for quick access.