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  • Product Info

    Minimal PC, NPC, & Monster tokens for TTRPGs and VTT. 20 tokens that are easy to take with you to cons or a game store. Perfect for players, DMs and anyone in-between.

    This product includes a beautiful, handmade box that closes magnetically to keep your tokens safe.

    You can find the miniatures without the box here, or a deluxe version of this box, which includes 10 additional tokens, here.

  • Token Material:

    High quality plastic

  • Box Material:


Beautifully Minimalist

Beautiful designs that clearly and quickly get to the point. Perfect for players, enemies & GMs who want to better portray their campaign.

Strong Materials

Durable and reliable, our minimalist tokens are lightweight and easy to carry, making them the perfect accessory to take to your next con while your expensive, delicate minis stay at home.

A box to match

Included with your 20 miniature tokens is a handmade, walnut box that allows you to easily take your tokens on the go.